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New – CURED Purple Haze – min. 2 Month Cured

Now available – Purple Haze CURED CBD – is one of the finest Weed Strains specially cured for a min. of 2 months to produce the best quality end product. Purple Haze is one of the most popular cannabis strains in the world and one of the tastiest CBD Weed strains, intensiv with a delicate taste of sweet grapes. Order now conveniently online or test at the CBD Shop in Zurich and take it with you right away!

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April 26 – May 05 – Live CBD Flower Rosin Pressing

April 26 – May 05 – Live CBD Flower Rosin Pressing
At the Cannabis Sommelier in Niederdorf, Zurich

On the occasion of the Canna Trade 2018 we offer you live pressing of the finest CBD Flower Rosin extract.

Throughout the day, we will continue to make CBD Flower extracts for which you are welcome – or bring your own Weed or Pollem to see what’s in them and what you can get out of fine CBD Rosin extracts – such as CBD wax and oils !!

We are happy to show and explain everything about CBD cannabis, vaporizers, dabbing etc.